Welcome to This website is being served to you by an AlphaServer 1000A called SLAVE that works faithfully in the basement and provides access to a large number of DEC systems via HECnet.

The purpose of this site is to provide a web based repository of information about HECnet. In addition to static information, you can also query the status of nodes, find out who's available for a chat and post messages to the wall by copying plain text files across HECnet.

What is HECnet?

HECnet is a network that utilises a custom DECnet Phase IV over IP solution written by Johnny Billquist to connect DEC machines from around the world. Some machines are on 24/7, others when the owner has them switched on.

Why Join HECnet?

The HECnet community is an interesting and supportive environment in which to operate DEC hardware.

If you are on a VMS system, for example, you can run commands such as:

How Do I Get Connected?

Prerequisites are (generally) a static IP address and a UNIX box to run Johnnys' bridge program on. The bridge communicates DECnet over the internet to a router node via a custom TCP/IP port. If you are connected to the internet via an ADSL router you will need to setup Network Address Translation and your firewall to allow access.

In the first instance you should send an email to requesting a node name and number. (Johnnys HECnet Page) has more information about the setup process.

Who's Out There?

Check the current node list for a list of the registered nodes. You can check whether a node is up and get more detailed information if it is by using the node search box on the right (this utilises Sampsa's HECNETINFO script)

This Website Needs You!

This website utilises AscToHTM to convert text files to HTML pages. Feel free to send me information for inclusion. You can copy it to SLAVE:: or email it to me at SLAVE::MSW, or via SMTP at the address shown on the info page.

posted by Mark Wickens

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