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This Website was created using the following technologies:


HP OpenVMS - OpenVMS is a multi-user,
multiprocessing virtual memory-based operating system (OS) designed for use in time sharing, batch processing, real-time (where process priorities can be set higher than OS kernel jobs), and transaction processing. It offers high system availability through clustering, or the ability to distribute the system over multiple physical machines.


The WASD webserver - is a native OpenVMS webserver
application that has been in continuous development for the past 15 years. It runs on VAX, Alpha and Itanium OpenVMS platforms.


ASCtoHTML - is a native OpenVMS application
(although there is also a Windows version) that automatically converts plain text files into HTML web pages

Free CSS Templates

Free CSS Templates - provides an excellent set of
CSS templates that can be used to put together a good looking website quickly.


DCL -, or DIGITAL Command
Language is the standard command language (think Windows CMD or Unix bash/sh) for OpenVMS Systems. DCL, an OpenVMS Batch Queue and AscToHTM are used to process messages written to The Wall from plain text files.

posted by Mark Wickens

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