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I've replaced the node search with Johnny's solution.
Links have been refreshed to include some of the more interesting web references. The help page now indicates that the bridge can be run under windows.
Removed some ambuguity from the build system.

Currently upgrading SLAVE to a 300GB shadowset for the archive.
1995/1996 ConDist/Documentation added to the Archive.
The info page now contains live INFO.TXT data rather than an always out-of-date copy Area 4 now has a SIMH VAX 3900 instance SIMVAX which runs 24/7 and picks up the website slack when SLAVE is offline

The DECUS archive is now available from a single root:
DECUS Archive

Two areas are now available containing the DECUS archive and various media.
The archives are available when SLAVE is online.
The locations can be browsed here (the trailing slashes are important)

Archive 1

Archive 2

SLAVE now mirrors the website originally on BUBBLE. A proxy runs in front of
both machines and will choose whichever version of the site is currently

posted by Mark Wickens

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